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Welcome to Play is the thing!

Here we host chats between Max Davie, paediatrician, gamer and dad, and a host of interesting people who are interested in play.

We are @playisthething1 on Twitter. Also check out our facebook group- search 'Play is the thing'

Dec 7, 2019

Chris Ferguson recommended the Atari 2600 console.

Sam Illingworth recommended Betrayal at House on the Hill 

Pete Etchells recommeded Untitled Goose Game

Sam Wake recommended Cain's Jawbone

Nic Whitton recommended the Librarian's Almanaq

Holly Gramazio recommended Board games to create and play

I recommended a few...

Nov 13, 2019

Aiyana's brilliant article for Scientific American is here


Here blog, all of which is 100% worth reading, is

Oct 30, 2019

Margaret talked about a few games


My time at Portia

She used the following toys in her research

Toca Boca tea party



Maggi's research interests

She's on...

Oct 12, 2019

Paul Wake is a big part of the Manchester games studies network:

His current kickstarter is at

If you're interested in the zones of play by Scott Rogers:

I've listed...